Brands and Web Analytics

This is my attempt to describe how using web analytics we can get some insights on one brands, one of the most difficult things to measure. This presentation contains information and examples on how to use the numbers to know more about the actual brand vs. the brand you aspire to be. 

Main ideas... 

Definition: the brand is basically the sum total of what people who interacted with you think about you. It is not what you claim to be. Still not sure who created this definition but it is the best one I found so far.

Quantifying the brand: analyzing where people spend most time on your website, analyzing the keywords they use to come to your site shed a lot of light on what kind of brand they think you are, and shows whether or they care about the stuff you are promoting. Even if you have more content about topic X, but people are spending far more time on topic Y, then your site is "about" topic Y. At least in the eyes of consumers, which is what really matters, which is your actual brand.