Online Marketing Skills: Business Thinking vs. Programming Thinking

online marketing skillsThere is a constant struggle in online businesses between business people and technology people. From each perspective, you always hear bad things about how the other guys (sorry, it's usually guys) don't get it. Both perspectives are right from their own side but the characteristics of online business necessitate something that includes both, very good business skills and a programming approach. You need to be analytical and intuitive at the same time. Extreme analysis of a fragmented market is essential, but you can easily get lost in so many details if you don't have a good overview of the big picture. Although the numbers can tell you that something is definitely wrong with a page, your judgment and sense will lead into a good diagnosis of what might be wrong, what to test, and what new options to creat. The business mind and the programming mind are both crucial, yet they are both flawed when it comes to having a complete grasp of the online business.

Doing campaigns online is somehow similar to writing a program. You are telling a computer to behave in certain way under certain conditions, and if something else happens, you tell the computer to do something else. The process runs on its own and you'd better 'program' it properly or you will get surprised with terrible results. For a programmer, this kind of program is easier than the easiest program they ever wrote. It's just a smal set of rules, and they are managed in a simple way. The granularity the programmer has allows him to manage much more complicated processes, and they find this one very easy. The flaw is in the business sense. Most programmers get lost in the details of the trees, and cannot see the forrest. This is their problem.

For a business person, conceptualizing the campaign, thinking of options, writing ads is extremely easy, because they know the business, know the language, and are familiar with marketing terms and language. Their flaw is the lack of granularity. They tend to be sloppy when it comes to details, and they tend to miss out on important 'small' things that can cause disaster.

The online marketer has to somehow be both, a little bit of a business person to know the big picture, strategy, marketing, and the human touch, at the same time, they need to be able to handle details and go granular in their approach and execution.

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