Generation "C"

Trendwatching has a very interesting article on the new rules of this economy, talking about the increasing importance of “talented consumers” in the role of managing brands.Generation Content, turned to “Generation Cash” where in the beginning they were appreciated as feedback providers, who gave some insights on brands and experiences. these days, they are getting used to expecting cash for their input. 

It feels empowering that we are working in such a format, with any kid who has the talent to talk about and articulate thier opinion on a product can really get rewarded, in hard cash. 
This could also be a service that we can provide for the programs that we work on. It might give a new platform on which viewers will enjoy a proactive role in shaping the programs/media they are viewing. Market research for free! 
Trendwatching has a list of other related articles that are following the same trends in consumers’ new revolutions. 

Here’s the article