Heavy and Interesting Web 2.0 Report

web 2.0 reportGetting to know the Web in its second version was quite interesting, to say the least. Addictive, to be more exact. The intellectual challenge that I need to have on an ongoing basis is one thing. Being a long tail person myself also magnified the effect, since Web 2.0 has more space than any person can imagine, and there is something for everyone in it.
This report includes a heavy explanation and analysis about what makes a great Web 2.0 application / website, and what are the main practices these organizations are applying. The report is prepared by O'Reilly Media, the inventors of the word "Web 2.0", and it summarizes the findings of the conference held at the end of 2006 regarding this new phenomenon.
Watch out, this is only for the heavy readers, I shared it with some colleagues of mine (Internet professionals) and they struggled with the material in it.
Full of structured examples and live citations it can actually be so much fun to go through all the examples in light of the principles discussed and thinking about how to apply them.
It's an absolute must-read for the dedicated Web professional trying to make sense of all the chaos and turmoil going on.
A lot of presentations and interviews are available here for that conference and other conferences by O'Reilly. Highly recommended.