How to Deal With Rejection

Question it!
That was the most important lesson I learned from the seminar I attended today, by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of The Art of Living. He gave a one-hour talk about several issues, and gave some tips for life. The idea that really struck me was the following:

We only question the things that are given to us in the positive. We never question the negative stuff.

When someone says, "You were great!" or, "I really admire you!", we usually reply, "Really??". But when someone says, "You are really bad at handling things" we immediately believe, and feel the need to defend ourselves and try to prove something.
The next time I am confronted with a negative idea (by anyone or by myself), I'll face it with the not-so-obvious question, "Are you sure? Do you really think so?". I'll keep questioning until they (or I) really start to rethink that idea. And whenever I get a great positive idea, I'm not going to question it, just for a change.
An important thing that this does, is that it immediately interrupts the attacking person's assault. You give them a totally unexpected response, and you really make them wonder and think about the validity of what they are claiming. A very good sales technique!