Take 2000 and Give Me 8

I want this year to be about what I want, after all these are my resolutions. Last year, although I experienced an unexpected shift in direction in my work, was a stable year in general, preparing for the jump I started in work in the last two months. Since this is also confirmed by my horoscope for 2008, I'd like to believe that this will be the year of the jump. Thus, I am following eight main points this year, to transcend the linear and dance in the exponential.

One: Don't wait, let them wait. As self-helpish as this might sound, it is just a positive approach to be taken. The more you wait, the more you are telling them to make decisions on your behalf. As a "waiter" by nature, i was very surprised to discover that when I clearly show my intentions, people can (and many times want to) accommodate to my decisions. This is regarding daily stuff. When it comes to decisions for long term and "big" stuff, they just tend to back off! So... go for it!

Two: As I am finally believing in the natural tendency of things to atrophy, and also starting to believe that the antidote to this is pure and simple intentions directed by the inner forces of our nature, I shall intend, more frequently, purely, and decidedly. At the same time, I shall keep my ability to be flexible in the process.

Three: Get to know a thousand people! It is very invigorating for me to meet new people and discover certain things about them. It just satisfies me to explore people. The thing stopping me is usually the inertia to which I surrender. I will not fight this inertia, but I will embrace the daily adventure of taking the initial steps of starting the talk.
Four: Go for the best. Being, doing, thinking, dreaming, and living with the best. No more mediocrity.
Five: One new thing. Totally new, one of those typical things that I usually engage in, every now and then. Let's just anticipate what it is going to be this year.
Six: Read and write. Much more effectively, often, and artistically. It always surprises me when I come back to see what I have written. It's not about good or bad, it's about the difference in perspective gained by having crystallized some random thoughts into text, and then coming back to see how they have evolved.
Seven: On the seventh day, God rested. Enjoy this year much more than the last one. In new ways, and with more interesting people.

Eight: The last one is about the very special unique stuff that I have, which is usually hidden under two million layers of decadent psychological and intellectual algorithms. Knowing that when left alone, these things can perform wonders, I am to just set them free.

Happy new year! Happy interesting year.


maybe your 8 points are great, but i don't think it's a general rule all can follow.
but i couldn't see the risk value in your new things. i think if you can have a risk in your new things, it will give you the good taste of these things not just normal and new

Of course. These are my decisions based on what I need, and not intended to be rules for others. There is always risk when you try new stuff. As someone said, "the biggest risk we can take, is not taking any risks!"

I was trying to find an article about a completely different thing when your 8 "great expectations" -let me call them so- crossed my screen. Then I decided to check the web. Good stuff man seems that we have an interesting person here. If you don’t mind I would like to highlight few points & would appreciate if you could clarify them deeper. In a way or another, everyone is interested to meet new people.

As understood from your article "The long tail" there are some things you can really master. Could you share them with your web-visitors?

And your "Mediocrity" theory is it applied on the 1000 persons you aim to meet? What is/are the standard(s) you apply if this is the case?

Since you want to set your goals free why don’t you simply live your days without having any goals in the 1st place? Why don’t you just live an "intentions free experience" ?

And hay…what about web 3.0, what are your expectations?


Thanks a lot Rami. Great to have you here.
I believe the things that you can master are the things that really resonate with who you are as a person. If you are a great listener, then you will not suffer trying to master this skill, if you love music, it is easy for you to go through that path.
Aiming to meet 1000 persons is in itself a goal that cannot be mediocre. For me, I tend to withdraw from people easily and I feel comfortable with them and without them. I am a highly introverted person by nature. At the same time I've seen many times the value of getting to know different people, and I just would like to push myself in that direction. The standard in my case is to just make that first spark happen, which is the weak thing in my part. After that I think I can manage.
I agree that we should not constrain our lives with goals. These are my resolutions, and I hope they don't become goals. I hope they are directions only (this is inspired by what I read about a book called "Goal Free Living". I should read it some time.
I tried the intentions-free approach, but it seems that life does not give us the luxury of not deciding. Entropy is just a fact, and if we surrender we will decay.
Web 3.0... That would be interesting to see. The vision for it is called the Semantic Web http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semantic_Web#Purpose
My vision would be that the web becomes as a natural organism, flexible adaptive, and informative. We will all become as cells are to a body. Oh, and don't forget to kiss your last "bit" of privacy good bye:)
Seth Godin has a cool vision of Web 4.0 here: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2007/01/web4.html
Talking about coming here for a totally different reason, you might like the stuff written in this article: http://www.economist.com/displaystory.cfm?story_id=10328123&fsrc=RSS