Starting AdWords Campaigns: The Alternative Path of Landing Pages

Many online advertisers have a problem getting their ads to show on AdWords, or getting a reasonable CPC, instead of $5, or sometimes $10.
While there are several possible reasons for this, I'm going to emphasize the importance of selecting landing pages in the initial process (as opposed to having it as the last decision in the campaign).
The landing page is after all the first encounter your user has with your site. This is where the selling happens. This is where the branding happens. And this page is visited by a tiny fraction of users who saw your ad, users that you pay for each click they do.

Forget AdWords.

Go to your analytics tool, and check out the landing pages, or most popular content report. Sort pages according to bounce rate (or conversion rate, or $ value), and see what your top performing pages are.

This report shows you the pages that you know based on statistics that people will be less likely to run away from your site once they see them.

If your site is content based, and you have many content categories that you want to promote, you might promote those that are already performing better than others (instead of promoting the ones that you think should be promoted).

Sometimes, it is actually the very beginning of a campaign. If you discover that a certain page is giving huge results, why not create a campaign especially for it?