Being Labelled an Employee vs. a Business Person

There is a huge difference in how people can react to you after first being introduced, depending on how you are labelled. When your label implies you are a member of a team...
"He's managing our whatever function that does blah blah blah" 
"Oh, interesting" The other person notes. Nothing more to talk about. No follow up question, unless they have some time to spend and they are just "interested" in knowing more about what you do. Why? Because it is risky to offer you a job, unless they are really sure you are very good, and unless they want to go into the risk of upsetting your employer. You really have to prove you are very good.. In three seconds. Otherwise, you're just "interesting", and probably not worth the risk.
On the other hand, when you are introduced as a business person who does XYZ service, lots of different reactions can happen. "Do you provide this as a full solution?", "Do you consider sharing that knowledge?", "How do you plan to expand your business", "what's your pricing model?" and so on.
Suddenly, you are a potential threat, a potential ally, a potential mystery, because you have potential, and you have the freedom of going to bed with them in many different forms. There is no risk in inviting you to come to their office and further discuss what you do and how you can work together. Doors are opened and chances arise.