Frequency vs. Importance

If you look at the statistics of your mobile phone calls, you will probably realize that the frequency with which you call people is not evenly distributed.

You probably call some people every day, some people every week, and so on.

But how often do you call your mechanic? Or an emergency doctor, or the police? Probably once in the lifetime of your phone? But that one call, that brought in the doctor at the right time to save a life, or that mechanic that came helped you when you were in the middle of nowhere, was as important as all the calls you made to an "important" person combined.

Just because you don't call them frequently does not mean that they are not important.

Likewise, when analyzing visits to pages on a website, focusing on high traffic pages might cause you to loose sight of other low traffic, but potentially very important pages in terms of content. The same applies to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and simply, everyone you know.


I agree, but you need to look @ other metrics like bounce rate and time on page. so that you decide if it is potential page or not