New Stuff by PayPerPost

PayPerPost, the service that links advertiser with bloggers, is announcing some new stuff in the coming weeks, or maybe more.
While trying to guess what it is exactly they will be offering, several options came up.
One of their current projects is developing a new badge for their new affiliate program. This is done through a vote for around forty different affiliate badges. It's cool to have the community of their users participate in collectively deciding which badge is to be used.
Although an affiliate program does exist to attract new bloggers, there might be some changes on this program since they are remaking the badges.
Still, although that is the obvious and logical option in my mind, I have a feeling that there is something bigger.
I expect the timing of this new thing to be at the beginning of next June. The perfect timing to announce the new stuff, would be during their Postiecon. The opportunity to blog about this new stuff of theirs is available up to the 25th of April. After that, search engines will need three to four weeks to index all these posts, with some more time to create some great buzz. By the beginning of June, some good buzz will have been created, and it will be perfect to make the announcement during the Posties event.
I hope they diversify their offering instead of just upgrading their existing stuff. It would be great if they make a feature that can increase my site's traffic.
What I really like about PPP, is that we get paid for our writing, and not just for having a banner ad. Of course you have to have a high PageRank and a good Alexa rank for the high paying opportunities. I also enjoy researching relevant and cool products on the Web, and I like sharing it with others. Stay tuned for PPP's new stuff. 


Advertise or Blogsvertise?

A very creative and descriptive name for a service I recently got to know about. I also signed up and look forward to participate in their program. It is a program that pays bloggers to post their ideas about advertisers' products or sites. 
What was really interesting and different about them, is that they don't have rigid rules for discussing the featured products.

"You do not have to necessarily endorse the advertiser's website products or services, just mention them in your blog. You can relate to in your own life, review the site, compliment or even complain about it, it is entirely up to you."

But their strategy seems to be based on links, since they require no less than three links pointing to the website reviewed, which is mainly aimed at generating traffic, and more importantly improve the rank of that site. I read on the JustMakeMoneyOnline Blog that they are also promoting a new innovative advertising service for bloggers based on video ads.
It's very easy to register for this service, and they alert bloggers for the available tasks in which they can participate.

Zeki Ziki

In Turkish, Zeki means smart, which is a word derived from Arabic.
Ziki is a website, that reminds me of the word "zeki", because that's what they are!
I couldn't believe that they will actually make a Google ad with my name as the keyword.
Their service is very simple, but brilliant: you sign up, but you have to be one of the first 10,000 people to do this, and you just ask them to promote your name. Within minutes I googled myself and found a sponsored link with my name, pointing to my personal page on Ziki.
Then they provide you with a personalized homepage, with a photo, and a blog. Moreover, you can add whichever feed you want to that blog. Guess which feed I added;)
It's also an opportunity to make new friends, get to know people and promote your work.
Try to sign up asap, these limited places might just be taken.


My Flake From Pageflakes

Pageflakes is as customizable a service as I can think of. They provide us with the ability to creat pages, with "flakes" on them. These are rectangles with customizable content and size. We can choose any of the numerous flakes already included in their site. We have both options of having our flakes private or public for other people to see. At the same time, we can export any of the flakes and add them to our site or blog, as I did here on the sidebar. This is the feed for this blog, and you can subscribe from here.
Shortly, I'll be making a full page consisting of my favorite flakes. Stay tuned.

Tags: to Sponsor the "Shabablik" Toolbar

I just finalized a very good deal with the owners of Talasim. This is a site that is really cool and hilarious. It collects, or rather allows users to submit all the funny ads and ridiculous communications that we see in our daily lives.
They will be having a full channel devoted to live feeds from their site to be added to the Shabablik Toolbar. At the same time a download link for the toolbar will be added on the Talasim site.
Shabablik will benefit from gaining new users and becoming more interesting through more interesting content. At the same time, Talasim will get more users, and will be "one click away" from their current users. They will have their logo on the browser screens of users all the time while they surf the Web. This will hopefully improve traffic for them.
The main strategy for this toolbar, is to gain the support of a few really interesting communities by having them featured as the main content contributors. Each channel will be focusing on their own specialty, and Shabablik will be an aggregator and anchor to get more users, and communities interconnected.


What Happened to Agloco?

A while ago, I have discussed a new model of making and sharing toolbars, which was through the new "Viewbar" developped by Agloco (A GLobal COmmunity)
So many people are trying to distribute it as much as they can, to ensure a bigger share of the pie.
I have also started distirbuting it, and it has become one of my main focuses, especially with two other toolbars developed and in the process of distribution.
I'm excited to see how it will look like and how people will react to it. Although it is scheduled for release in March, and we are in March, it still not known exactly when it will be out.
As Brian, from the development team mentions in the company blog, "I know that the Viewbar will not be released in the first half of March. Our tech lead flew to Shanghai this morning to work directly with our six engineers there."
I'm sure the guys are really working hard, now that they got the whole world watching them!
I'll update you with any news.
If you're not familiar with this product, you can check out this summary. Make sure you sign up fast, and tell your friends. It's free, and i hope it's profitable.


The Moment, With the Customer

My theory for the thing we all, as humans, look for was the following:
An experience of consciousness that engages us on all the levels. This means that the most engaging experience would be an experience involving the five senses, the mind, emotions, and engages others with us.
Sex includes all these elements and it is maybe the most engaging and intense thing we can ever do.
Yesterday, I had a really engaging experience with my friends from the company I used to work for. There was no sex, don't worry:)
I was forced to imitate almost everyone in the company. This was shot with all different types of video and mobile cameras.
During the "show", there were these moments were everyone exploded with laughter at the same time. Everybody clicked at the sight of a caricaturized presentation of a person they closely knew.
Of course, there were those moments were it didn't click.
Is it the best idea to aim at achieving such moments with customers, especially in the "Experience Economy"?
I think we should think of these moments when we write, when we serve, and when we have any kind of contact with the customer.
My "customers" yesterday were also interacting by requesting certain characters, and in certain situations.
Think about it...


Mediadisk in the Middle East

I just got back from Dubai after attending a training course on Mediadisk. This is the world's leading media database, and includes around 800,000 contacts from 200,000 media outlets. The main advantage for this database is appreciated by anyone working on media communications on a daily basis.
Building and filtering lists according to many different criteria, grouping the data, and distributing emails and press releases is much easier with this system. I also saw how much hard work it takes for the researchers to gather and constantly update the regional data, which is in itself a feature of the product.
Mediadisk has a Middle East & North Africa module available, and anyone interested can book a free demo, to get to know the system. More details are available on the Products page of Mediadisk.


The World in the Eyes of Google

Google This was the title of a TV show on Alarabiya, which consisted of two parts: the first was a translation of the documentary, and the second was a discussion of the documentary by a panel of specialists in the field.
As a Google fan myself, I was interested in watching and getting to know more about the company and its services.
What was really interesting was thinking about the inevitable dilemma such a company will have to face, even if they had the most noble of intentions: in order to serve us better, they need to provide innovative and better products/services, and in order to be able to do that, they will need to collect more and more information about us, and keep that information stored, so they can base their developments on a sound history of searches, links, thoughts etc.
The same applies to us, the users; if we want better services and a more personalized experience, we will have to share some information about ourselves. Our privacy is the cost.
Maybe this is something that comes with becoming a celebrity.(Time magazine named me, and "You" person of the year.
So, what do we do, when faced with such a situation? Do we do our best to try and escape all the systems that try to "understand" us by following us in everything that we do?
As Seth Godin mentions in one of his posts,
"The thing is, privacy is an illusion. You think you have privacy, but the video surveillance firms and your credit card company disagree. If we're already on camera, we might as well get some benefits from it. If we choose."
Instead of trying to find the blind spots of the surveillance cameras and trying to avoid them, I think we should just come out and dance in front of these cameras! I don't see any other choice. At least these cameras will know we have nothing to hide.
Saatchi & Saatchi's CEO, Kevin Roberts expresses a similar attitude in the second point of his credo,"If it ain't broke... Break it!"
We usually fall in the trap of trying to mend minor details in our hope to get back to the old pattern of doing things. This new attitude suggests that maybe if things started to break, they are not fit to the new situation anymore. Therefore...? Break it and go on.
Our "privacy" as we know it, is starting to break, and we might just be better off adjusting to the new system, and hopefully making good use of it.


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