Focus on the Results Only... If You Want to Fail

So you want to loose some weight? The best thing to do, is to look at yourself in the mirror ten times a day. Every morning check out the latest developments on the sides of your belly, your thighs, and anywhere else that loves to accumulate fat. These are the visual results of yesterday's activities. You should also keep checking your weight three times a day, and make sure you are familiar with the results as much as possible. To be more in touch with results, please check all the clothes that you have and make sure you know which ones still fit and which don’t fit anymore. Focus also on how much you are able to eat as opposed to the past, and how much less exercise you can perform. And keep going like this until you really loose yourself, instead of loosing weight.
This is how you focus on results and results only. This is the “right and professional” way of working. You keep thinking about whatever results you are getting.
Several problems.
First, you cannot control the results, so stop focusing on them. You can’t force people to love your product, or adopt your new technology.
Second, you will create stress in the environment. Instead of looking at the sky and feeling bad about the result (rain), you know what the obvious thing to do is.
Third, you will loose touch with reality and the great opportunities that come with it. The map you have for yourself about the world is necessarily not the most accurate, and you gain better understanding as you go through the process. The more focused you are on the results the more likely you are to miss these opportunities.
Fourth, no learning, no experience. For the same reasons, you are out of touch with the realities, and you will not allow for serendipity to enter your world. You are also shutting yourself out of your ability to contain serendipity in the project. 
In my strategy course in college, we were taught that the proper way of executing a strategy, is to decide on it, and follow through until you achieve it. As a control freak, I had a simple question, “what if we discover half way through, that we don’t have the right strategy?”. I didn’t have the guts to ask that question, but I do now.
Our other class on flexibility in the new market place made sense though.


What 2.0??

- One: Hi how are you?
- Two: great how are you?
- One: did you hear about the new web software?
- Two: which one?
- One: it’s called Web 2.0 …
- Two: :) of course I heard about it
- One: where do you get it from? How do you download it?
- Two: (laughing) well actually it’s not a computer software, it's a social software.
- One: what do you mean by social software?
- Two: it means that it depends on you to learn, it’s not about installing some code on your machine.
- One: I’m confused!
- Two: Web 2.0 is a set of social, economic, and technology trends, and it’s about the new ways we are using the Internet.*
- One: ok...
- Two: as users, it’s almost the same for us; we read, write, and upload and download files on the Internet.
- One: so what is really new?
- Two: The new social and commercial tools available for us; blogs, comments, photo sharing, video sharing, recommendations, social networking etc.
- One: oh, ok. I heard about these and I actually participate in some of them.
- Two: Web 2.0 is about user participation, openness, and network effects.
- One: can you please explain more?
- Two: in web 1.0 we used to read and write emails and passively read the news or browse for whatever information we wanted. Now…. We write blogs, people read them for information. We are publishers and journalists. Regular people can do advertising and public relations through their blogs and impact the public opinion regarding any topic. Companies can no longer rely on the mainstream media for all their communications. You and I shape the perception about these companies.
Here is a video that explains this in a cool way.

Here is another video where the pros talk about Web2.0.

It’s just like the development in word processors for example. In the beginning, you had to be really good in computers to produce a good document with good design. Now, because the technology is advanced, you need to be a good writer and have good taste to produce good content.
The same applies to the web. We have reached a stage where publishing tools are easy to use, and cost almost nothing. The good stuff comes from good thinking, writing, marketing, design, and all the human qualities. It’s not only for the geeks.

* Definitions inspired by O'Reilly's Web2.0 Report


What Happened to Agloco?

A while ago, I have discussed a new model of making and sharing toolbars, which was through the new "Viewbar" developped by Agloco (A GLobal COmmunity)
So many people are trying to distribute it as much as they can, to ensure a bigger share of the pie.
I have also started distirbuting it, and it has become one of my main focuses, especially with two other toolbars developed and in the process of distribution.
I'm excited to see how it will look like and how people will react to it. Although it is scheduled for release in March, and we are in March, it still not known exactly when it will be out.
As Brian, from the development team mentions in the company blog, "I know that the Viewbar will not be released in the first half of March. Our tech lead flew to Shanghai this morning to work directly with our six engineers there."
I'm sure the guys are really working hard, now that they got the whole world watching them!
I'll update you with any news.
If you're not familiar with this product, you can check out this summary. Make sure you sign up fast, and tell your friends. It's free, and i hope it's profitable.


The Moment, With the Customer

My theory for the thing we all, as humans, look for was the following:
An experience of consciousness that engages us on all the levels. This means that the most engaging experience would be an experience involving the five senses, the mind, emotions, and engages others with us.
Sex includes all these elements and it is maybe the most engaging and intense thing we can ever do.
Yesterday, I had a really engaging experience with my friends from the company I used to work for. There was no sex, don't worry:)
I was forced to imitate almost everyone in the company. This was shot with all different types of video and mobile cameras.
During the "show", there were these moments were everyone exploded with laughter at the same time. Everybody clicked at the sight of a caricaturized presentation of a person they closely knew.
Of course, there were those moments were it didn't click.
Is it the best idea to aim at achieving such moments with customers, especially in the "Experience Economy"?
I think we should think of these moments when we write, when we serve, and when we have any kind of contact with the customer.
My "customers" yesterday were also interacting by requesting certain characters, and in certain situations.
Think about it...


Upcoming Events

Here are some of the upcoming events organized and managed by Events Unlimited.

Check the details here.


Pikasso's Gold Goes to a "Talented" Billboard

As every year, Pikasso held it's annual awards ceremony in Amman today. The top prize was awarded to a visual that linked the brand with women's ability and desire to bring out their talent.
Antonio Vincenti, GM of Pikasso opened with a speech congratulating the winners, thanking and audience, and highlighting his thoughts on the sensitive issue of Amman Municipality's decision to change the outdoor landscape, and remove rooftops and billboards on buildings.
His thoughts were very interesting to me and very nicely put, where he surprisingly agreed to the removal of rooftops and building-mounted billboards, because the billboards' main objective is to add to the city's beauty, and be an important part of that city's culture. But... on the condition of having a good enough alternative.
The alternative in discussion is supposed to be through providing more locations on the ground. I'm not sure how that will improve the scenery in the city. Having more and more billboards on sidewalks, will only block our vision of the buildings that we are trying to protect in the first place.
We still need to know how these will be positioned and how many they will be to really judge.
Before distributing the awards, there was a seminar conducted by Alain Weill, which I was unfortunately unable to attend. I'm sure I missed a lot of interesting stuff. The event was fun, and the food was good!


Resolutions with High Resolution

Keep the two thousand, and just give me seven … 
One: affirmative NO! The magical moment of saying this terrible word in a nice way, and enduring the freezing two seconds that follow. 
No to things I don’t like. No to desperate people just hanging on to me just because they think this is their only hope (showing them the other options they have is a good alternative). No to anything less than I want. No to sanity;) 
Two: Virtual YES! On to the new world of virtual everything… more of knowledge, thought, art, and more and more liberation from the physical constraints of time and space. Liberty to create. 
Three: I shall read, read, and read my way through this year. The resulting over-saturation shall overflow and be central in new creations. 
Four: Sports, always. Burn the hell out of the remaining few layers, and march happily with a lighter being. Vibrant being is the foundation for this of course. 
Five: Blog… I like to think of this virtual world as the magical city of Harry Potter. Come to think of it closely, the tools and technologies on the Web can work virtual magic, according to the world as we “used” to know it. Everything we do on the Web has several dimensions and effects many things in many different ways, and can potentially explode in our face if we don’t cast the right spell! So, for this year, more and more time energy to be devoted to “magic”. 
Six: Travel. It’s been a while since I have discovered new places and people. I shall plan several small and one or two big trips. 
Seven: As the Almighty did on the seventh… Enjoy! And try new things. 
Funny when I boil it down to a few basic things, they kind of encompass everything, and it seems I don’t want more. The little details will work themselves out if the big hi-rez chunks are properly attended to. 
Happy new year…


Passive Income

Here’s a cool concept beautifully explained by Steve Pavlina through his website holding his name. That’s a really nice concept, and it really helped shift my attention in my work, from finding better ways to make more money, to finding ways to make money while you do nothing.
It also struck me, (might be a “synchronicity” as he calls it) that he has started

The Million Dollar Experiment
, where anyone interested can participate by “intending” for $1M to manifest in their lives. That’s all you need to do. What was strange is that I remembered that I had been doing a similar thing for the last week, the only change was that this intention was “
In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention”.
now the change from my own adopted motto of “the million dollar road starts with a visit, and a blog” seems about to shift, because my motto focused only on the How of the project. It was only a reminder of what I “had” to do in order to reach the destination I wanted faster.Cool stuff, cool guy, cool website/blog.
In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend to do something similar, in a way that resonates with purest being, and for this to anyone else intending. 


Pure Intentions

Here we go… started with very few clicks, and actually got started.
Seems intentions are pure enough for it to start smoothly. very smoothly.We will be talking about our services, and discussing everything we do, and use the whole thing to advertise, and hopefully be a good reference for interested people of the industry.
remember, “The million dollar raod, starts with a vist… and a good blog embraced in a great website”