Ken Auletta

Criticizing Google. Does Anyone Dare

Apparently Ken Auletta dares, and with very precise and detailed observations on the company's weaknesses, contradictions, and lack of human touch. It wasn't a negative talk, but well balanced, and based on deep analysis, citing actual conversations with the founders and top management. He was introduced by Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, who also mentioned how detailed Ken was in his research and reporting.
It's refreshing to see something negative about Google, calling them 'cold engineers', as opposed to the Microsoft people who were labeled 'cold businessmen'.
The weaknesses and opportunities of Google are very important to me also, both as a fan of the company, and as someone who's work relies mostly on their products.
The disruptive force of the company was discussed and its effect on several industries, especially with the 'everything for free' model. Interestingly, Ken says that he doesn't have an answer to the new business challenges posed by this model, and that's a very tough question.
A very good talk and should be a wake-up call for their engineers. Maybe they'll get to their senses one day and hire some designers!