Content Management Systems as Marketing Tools

Althought the name is related to "managing" content, and usually they are used only to add articles, and simple user management, CMSs have evolved to give the marketing person huge power over functionality, business rules, and layout tweaks.
This presentation was shared in our Web Analytics Wednesday - Dubai Group, using my favorite (Drupal) as an example on the capabilities it provides marketers in managing our online products much more effectively and efficiently.


Web 3.0 Basics for Web Analytics Wednesday - Dubai

I previously discussed the relationship between Web 3.0 and SEO. This is the presentation version which was shared in our last meeting.

Web Analytics Wednesday - Dubai

Had a great time yesterday in our first Web Analytics Wednesday in Dubai. Around 18 people attended and it was very nice cathching up with friends and meeting new ones. The presentation I shared is mainly about using analytics as the starting point, proactively, and not as a reactive mechanism. Here is the presentation:

Here it is if you prefer Google Docs. Mani also shared an interesting presentation on social media.
You can follow tweets abouts this gathering on #WAWDubai.
It seems we will be having this next week also.