Personal Scalability

Personal Scalability With AdWords Automated Rules

I have previously discussed how a person can be 'scalable' in terms of increasing productivity over time by keeping up with the technological changes.

Google's introduction of Automated Rules is one quantum leap for those who want to make a jump in their productivity.

This quantum leap will require a quantum leap in learning and managing Adwords, as this is not just a new 'small' feature. Using these rules assumes that you are highly familiar with all the mechanics of how the platform works, so you can create automated rules for it. This is a completely different skill, and on a more strategic level.

Advertisers who master this skill will go to the next level of productivity, and those who don't will stay where they are.

On a separate not, this feature serves a good blow to all the bid management companies who provide this service through applications that use the AdWords API. Their challenge is to innovate beyond what Google is currently offering and make sure they are way ahead, in order to survive.