Digital Media

Online Marketing vs. Digital Media

What's in a name?
A lot. It shows in a word how you think, and shows your perspective and approach. It crystallizes in one small sound bite the your approach, and tells something about you and me.
When people call it "digital" they immediately lose me. It shows that they miss the point. It shows that they think of it as just another form of media. There is print media, broadcast media, outdoor media, and digital media. As if this is just another way to display a message. The same message that we have on a newspaper, only in digital form. That's the thinking, and that's the problem.
Most probably the TV that you watch is "digital", it is not analog anymore, and of course, it is "media". But it is not "digital media".
The main differentiator between online and offline marketing and media is the internet connection that allows response, intereactity, tracking, and post-click actions when they come to your site. It is not simply a new form of advertising that is digital.
These characteristics of online marketing necessitate a different way of dealing with your campaigns. Because you can interact and track, the process needs to take into sonsideration all the cycle from impression to click to funnel to conversion. You can't simply just put banners out there. That's why it necessarily becomes marketing and not just media management. Understanding the consumers, analyzing their behavior, and helping make the campaign more effective is an essential aspect of online marketing, which is what many people miss when they simply call it "digital media".