Content Management Systems as Marketing Tools

Althought the name is related to "managing" content, and usually they are used only to add articles, and simple user management, CMSs have evolved to give the marketing person huge power over functionality, business rules, and layout tweaks.
This presentation was shared in our Web Analytics Wednesday - Dubai Group, using my favorite (Drupal) as an example on the capabilities it provides marketers in managing our online products much more effectively and efficiently.


Free Online Market Research

Google finally decided to share the volume data of the search queries that they receive. This is too good to be true for someone like me living on these numbers. Now you can see the number of searches conducted per keyword, instead of the relative volume that was given previously, and was only segmented in five main segments.
It is generally estimated that 80% of all internet traffic starts at a search engine. And since Google accounts for almost 80% of search engine traffic, this is quite a good estimate for the market per keyword. This means you have a fair idea about 64% of the total market.
This marks a new era in market research and how scientific you can be in estimating your market size, and how much of it you are getting.Moreover, "market" is no longer a set of people with generalized demographics. It can now be measured by the number of people who are interested in a concept (or group of concepts) as specific as you define it.
I tried the service once, but then it seems it crashed, I'm sure a huge number of people is trying it. I'll test it more extensively and compare with actual traffic figures that I have to see how best to use it.