Apple's Discount Byte

apple discount ad

Perfect simplicity and clarity! Everybody knows Apple's logo, with one bite taken from it.
This ad very cleverly shows "another" bite, showing the discount.
This is an example where the communication is very comfortable for the reader to get. It is as simple as possible, "but not simpler" as Einstein says.
More important than merely being cute, the ad is descriptive, and sticky. You already have the logo embedded in your mind, and this is a temporary alteration to it. This is the essence of the message; that there are temporary price cuts.
No clutter whatsoever, and the mutated logo raises the readers' curiosity to understand what's going on.

via: Ads of the World

Undo the Scribbling onYour Face With Olay

Whoever made this ad is a genius. The shapes of the computer keys fit perfectly well with the shape of the bottle. The relative positions are exactly as they are on the keyboard, and most importantly pushing Ctrl-Z will "undo" the last action you did. This is what Olay is claiming. They will undo whatever was done on your face.
But I have some doubts about the audience and whether or not they would really understand the subtle message in this ad. How many people actually use Ctrl-Z instead of clicking on the "undo" button? How many women over the age of forty are that familiar with the keyboard, and will understand the message? I doubt there is a significant number of people who will relate with the message.
This is a typical thing that I usually fall for, and am training myself to focus on what really needs to get through. I'm seduced by "great stuff" and many times forget the main idea, which is to tell forty-year-old women that Olay will undo what life has done to her.
Still, there is great beauty and simplicity in this ad, which won the Dubai Lynx Award for best print ad. You can find a gallery of interesting and up-to-date stuff like this in AdBlogArabia.